Editors’ Note

A few words from the editors-in-chief of the RMUN 2017 Press Corps.

One of the most common complaints heard in any MUN society/circuit/exclusive ULTRAMUN clique/etc is that Press Corps is a worthless council, and that to be assigned to the Press Corps in a given MUN is firstly, a worthless endeavour, and secondly, a pointless one.

Having been Press Corps delegates ourselves, we do understand the basis of this perspective in reality — the Press Corps’s role in a MUN is a fundamentally different one from the typical delegate experience. Often seemingly removed from the central activity of a council, the Press Delegate may seem a sideshow, or a perfunctory attempt to make a MUN conference a more realistic model of the real world.

Make no mistake — as Press Corps, you are required to utilise a wide, if very different variety of skillsets: the foremost of which is, of course, writing. Other skills which enter into this experience, such as the ability to conduct interviews, establish connections, and perhaps most significantly the ability to synthesize a point out of an event, experience or personal perspective.

To quote the GP department, in a “volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous” world, the role of the press in our world today cannot be understated. The press does not just chronicle the happenings of today’s world, it can tease out the significance and impact of these events, and examine the complexities of political alliances. It ascertains the uncertain. To this day the press remains a key source of information in such a world, more so than ever amidst the rise of fake news.

Press Corps attempts to mirror that — by curating and generated diverse perspectives on the wide variety of issues covered by the various councils, we hope to deepen our delegates’ understandings of the issues at hand, as well as provide a wider, macroscopic view of geopolitical interactions, not just for Press Corps delegates, but for delegates from other councils as well. As said by one of our previous Press Corps chairs, “the real press reports fake news on real countries. We report real news on fake countries.”

You are the world’s eyes. As a member of the press, what you record and choose to report, or choose not to report, affects the lens through which people the world over view the reality around them.

Nicole Doyle and Joan Ang
Editors-in-Chief of RMUN Press Corps 2017


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