Delegate Helms The Second Reformation

By Jeslyn Tan and Ianni Tan, Agence France-Presse

“Pray only twice a day, not five times.”

On 31 May, the European Union gathered to discuss the topic of discrimination against minority groups such as Muslims.

One individual invited to the council to share her views was a Muslim woman who testified to having been systematically discriminated against in Europe. She poured her heart out and elicited sympathy from many delegates, especially after she explained how such discrimination disrupted religious practices.

She described how every time her husband prayed, her neighbours would come at her door demanding that they stop due to the noise they were making. This was especially a problem given the frequency her husband had to pray – Muslims pray five times a day, according to their faith.

Following this, the delegate of Denmark wondered if Muslims could pray twice a day instead of five times, which he deemed excessive, in a gross display of the very discrimination the council had gathered to tackle.

He expressed his desire to achieve a compromise on this, proposing he personally play a part in persuading Muslims to pray twice a day instead.

The delegate proceeded to suggest a motion to discuss the shipping of devout people to other countries.

Fortunately, the motion and proposal alike were rejected by the rest of the council.



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