About Us

The Press Corps is an essential component of the Model United Nations experience, serving not only to further immerse delegates in the Model UN setting, but also deepen a broad-based understanding of global issues, as well as the different portrayals of it through the lenses of various media outlets.

What is Press Corps?

Press Corps is a unique Model United Nations council — rather than taking part in the action as normal delegates of countries, Press delegates instead represent a host of international news agencies and networks, serving to cover the myriad of councils at a Model UN conference. Each day, every Press delegate submits a minimum of one article that is then uploaded on this site: the work by which the delegates are judged.

Press delegates not only observe council proceedings but can also interview and interact with country delegates. Articles produced are not just on council happenings, but can also be human interest articles or opinion editorials on council issues.

RMUN 2017 Press Agencies

At RMUN 2017, our Press delegates come from a select few news agencies, namely:

  • Al-Jazeera English
  • The New York Times
  • Xinhua News Agency

Delegates also have the option of submitting satire articles under the name of the Onion.